Kim Sprought

Hi! I am Kim. I am a NY based life designer (passion & purpose) and career coach (professionally for over 15 years). Over the years (and there have been many of them), I struggled with finding my place in the world. I have read countless self-help books and attended (too many to count) personal development conferences in search of finding myself and my place in the world.


Then one day, while cleaning out my closet, I found an old vision board I had created about 5 years before. While reviewing the board, I realized 73% of the things I had on my board were in fact now a part of my life. And I thought to myself, WHAT? How can this be? I haven’t seen or thought about this board in years and yet, the things I had "dreamed" of years earlier, were now my life.


This discovery led me to do a deep dive on manifesting and becoming the designer of my life. Yes, you guessed it, cue – more books and conferences. And then, testing. I wanted to see if I could repeatedly manifest things into my life. My first test … a free latte within 24 hours. I focused on it, pictured it, and envisioned drinking it. Well, the morning and then afternoon passed, no latte. The next day, determined to somehow get my free latte, I drove to my local coffee shop, placed my order, and then the barista smiled and said … “This one is on me today. It is good to see you .” In a little bit of dismay because I received my free latte, I smiled and said, “Thank you" with gratitiude in my heart.


More determined to continue to test this theory and the perfect process, I became obsessed with manifesting and bringing things into my life. The small things became bigger things, and now I am truly my life’s designer.

In this blog, I am sharing my life design stories and invite you to join me on my journey.

My hope is you find some inspiration & start designing the life you have always wanted.

With years of professional experience as a life & career coach, I would be honored to be your life design coach. Connect with me below for additional information.

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